Oli Roe

I Shot Jerry is Oli Roe - a Sydney based videographer and editor with a passion for capturing moments through a lens. I Shot Jerry has worked with established brands directly, or through their agencies and can develop unique content to suit any budget. Super creative with fresh ideas, I Shot Jerry can provide cost effective, high end content and help your brand engage with your consumers.

For larger jobs & projects I Shot Jerry collaborates with other like-minded passionate creatives to visually bring product launches, social media content and digital campaigns to life. With access to an array of cameras, lighting, sound and drones we have the ability to scale up and down as needed.

I Shot Jerry strives to develop lasting relationships with brands, business and people through meaningful and original work.

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Oli Roe

I Shot Jerry & Taylor'd Media regularly collaborate to combine our photography and videography talents. We are able to provide our clients one destination for their videography, photography and editing needs.

We love sitting down with our clients and sharing our vision for how we can bring their brands to life. We are young, passionate about what we do and have fresh ideas.